Midst of Knowledge Tennyson poem on floor of British museum
“Forerun thy peers, thy time, and let
Thy feet, millenniums hence, be set
In midst of knowledge, dream’d not yet.
“Thou hast not gain’d a real height,
Nor art thou nearer to the light,
Because the scale is infinite.”
‘Twere better not to breathe or speak,
Than cry for strength, remaining weak,
And seem to find, but still to seek.
“Moreover, but to seem to find
Asks what thou lackest, thought resign’d,
A healthy frame, a quiet mind.” ~  Lord Alfred Tennyson 

This is on the floor as you enter the beautiful and majestic British Museum in London. It is a rather long poem called The Two Voices that is autobiographical in nature and was written whilst Tennyson was suffering from severe depression.

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