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Day 185 – Cups of gold

Young girl sitting in a field of buttercups that little cups of gold

“Buttercups in the sunshine look like little cups of gold.
Perhaps the Faeries come to drink the raindrops that they hold.”
~Elizabeth T. Dillingham

I stumbled across this field of gold when I was out with my daughter. Luckily she was more than happy to plonk herself down in the middle of it and play model. The sun really was bright though and as a result she kept having to close her eyes because it was making them water and I was asking her not to squint. Despite that I think it works, she looks like she is lost in the joy of the moment, not how it looks but how it feels, warm, golden, soft, and this image captures that.


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  1. Reply

    Such a beautiful scene! Thank you so fairy much for your sweet comment on my blog last week.

  2. Reply

    Looks like sheer bliss to me. #MySundayPhoto

  3. Reply

    She looks like an angel!

  4. Reply

    Lovely pic. One for framing.

  5. Reply

    Gorgeous image!

  6. Reply

    What a fantastic photo this is…. those colors and that happy face….

  7. Reply

    This is a stunning photo, eyes closed n’all!


  8. Reply

    Beautiful photo, feels so full of Summer

    Thank you for linking up

  9. Reply

    Magical portrait of daughter in a golden light… as always, an incredible and amazing wonderful capture (and so well related to the words of quote)!! have a lovely Sunday and a great new week ahead!

  10. Reply

    What a beautiful capture. I love the blurred effect which adds to the glow. It reminds me of warm summer days 🙂

  11. Reply

    Such a lovely capture, Molly! The sun playing on her hair, the glowing buttercups – I can feel the warmth from the sun on my cheeks, as I dwell on your photo! Enjoy the sunshine and the month of July,
    Nina xx

  12. Reply

    Beautiful capture and beautiful model!!

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