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Blades of grass covered in water droplet sparkles attention to detail

Day 82 – Close Attention

"The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." ~ Henry Miller 
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Train foot bridge in black and white. Journey on

Day 366 – Journey on

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin Here I am again, another year completed. If you don't already know this is my 5th year of the 365 Project. It has been a great journey and I can't believe I have been doing it for 5 years. It is has completely transformed my photography pushing me to see more, do more, learn more, experiment more. Now would seem a good time to stop, after all 5 years is a real achievement, or maybe…
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Sharf of light on water movement

Day 321 – Light movement

"Light in nature creates the movement of colors." ~ Robert DelaunayAnd light is what creates photographs and sometimes it plays the game perfectly and glides into a moment in just the right way.
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Wind power generator with sunset, renewable

Day 300 – Renewable world

"There is an urgent need to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, dramatically reduce wasted energy, and significantly shift our power supplies from oil, coal, and natural gas to wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources." ~ Bill McKibben I know that some people hate the way these wind farms look. They don't want them in their communities blighting the landscape. In some ways I can understand that and yet you have to think about a bigger picture. Think about how nuclear power stations not only look but the threat they pose to a huge area in which they…
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golden pool of sunlight at base of tree

Day 293 – Golden

“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.” ~ Roman Payne I love how the light is cutting through the trees and illuminating this little spot with a pool of golden sunlight. I wanted to take some self portrait images here but sadly I had forgotten to charge my camera battery and after I took this picture it decided it was job done for the day. I have noted where this place is though and exactly what time of day it was. I shall definitely return at some point over the next few weeks and try again.…
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Leaves and branches reflected in pond with setting sun. October Days

Day 281 – October Days

“October sunshine bathed the park with such a melting light that it had the dimmed impressive look of a landscape by an old master.” ~ Elizabeth Enright I am a summer person. I mourn its passing all through the long winter months but at least at this time of year you can still find traces of it lingering on some October days.  
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Evening sunlight through the clouds dance with light

Day 279 – Dance with light

"Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy - your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself." ~ Annie Leibovitz   
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Black Austin tea mug in the sun

Day 276 – Is there any tea?

“Arthur blinked at the screens and felt he was missing something important. Suddenly he realized what it was. "Is there any tea on this spaceship?" he asked.” ~ Douglas Adams I like my morning cup of coffee but after that is done I am all about the tea. Yes, I am very British in that way. I like it in a mug, the bigger the better and I drink it throughout the afternoon. This beautiful black mug was gifted to me by a friend. I have never been to Austin myself but I think there is something wonderfully special about…
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Leaves turning an autumn September colour

Day 265 – September colour

"The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes We have had a fairly warm hot summer by UK standards which has rumbled into September but the last few days that seems to have gone by the way side and you can feel Autumn is in the air and see its beautiful colours starting to tinge all the trees. Some of the trees are even starting…
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Voyeur through a tunnel

Day 143 – Voyeur

“Voyeurs have an open window on the world.”  ~ Ljupka Cvetanova  I am a voyeur and this is even more the case when I have my camera in hand. I watch and see but what I do more than anything else is I try to capture the world that I experience within my image. Sometimes I stumble upon image that just appear to be waiting for me and this one perfect example. This is a tunnel that goes over the Motorway and connects the two service stations on each side. When I stepped into it the light, the people, the…
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Stream woods reflected in water with spring March sunlight

Day 98 – Spring March

A Light exists in Spring Not present on the Year At any other period -- When March is scarcely here ~ Emily Dickinson I know March has been and gone but I took this image right at the beginning of that month when winter still lingered, the trees stood bare and the signs of spring were only evident in the light that spilled from the skies. How much difference a month can make when seasons come and go.    
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Young girl holding sparkler

Day 10 – Quiet Explosion

"The quietest poetry can be an explosion of joy." ~ James Broughton  
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