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Swan reflected in water

Day 15 – Grace

"For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free." ~ Wendell Berry  
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Ducks webbed feet

Day 330 – Stand Firm

 "Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm." ~ Abraham Lincoln [columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns]
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Sea gull reflected in car roof

Day 303 – Admiring reflection

“If you're a bird... I'm a bird...” ~ Nicholas Sparks
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Beautiful swan through the reeds

Day 231 – Elegance

"Enjoy the elegance of swans" ~  Jane Wilson-Howarth [columns] [span2] [/span2][span2] [/span2][span2] [/span2][/columns]
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seagull behind lamp post brighton

Day 225 – Watcher

"You can observe a lot by just watching." ~ Yogi Berra
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Single bird on tyre in lake

Day 211 – Thinking Time

"The best thinking has been done in solitude." ~ Thomas A. Edison
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Reflection of swan in river

Day 191 – Finery

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds." ~ Aesop
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Lonely duck

Day 169 – Being Alone

“There is a certain strength in being alone.” ~ Heather Duffy Stone
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Lonely coot on the water

Day 65 – On my own

 "The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself." ~ Douglas Coupland
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Black crow in the sky

Day 50 – Flight

“He was not bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all” ~ Richard Bach
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Webbed swan foot

Day 46 – Webbed

"The water is your friend.  You don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move."  ~ Aleksandr Popov [columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns]
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Blue tit singing

Day 8 – I heard a bird sing

 "I heard a bird sing In the dark of December A magical thing And sweet to remember. 'We are nearer to Spring Than we were in September,' I heard a bird sing In the dark of December." ~  Oliver Herford
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