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Day 205 – Lady Bird Dinners


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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

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Day 205 – Lady Bird Dinners

23rd July 2012

I have posted a Ladybird image before but this one caught my eye as it had clearly surrounded itself with a feast of monumental proportions.

Ladybird feast

Little red bug, oh so cute,
Here’s a black spot for your suit…
~Susan M. Paprocki


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4 Comment to “Day 205 – Lady Bird Dinners”

  1. MargitaLily says:

    Gorgeous picture for Monday morning:)

  2. Pat says:

    Great capture!

  3. Katrin says:

    Absolutely lovely picture! I love all your other photis, too. And the 365 days photos project!

  4. What a splendid ladybird – you can see why gardeners love them.

    Hope you enjoy the next few weeks!

    Stewart M – Australia

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