Day 118 – Discarded


Saturday nights should be about high heels that are discard at 4am in the morning…

Discarded Heels

“You put high heels on and you change.” ~ Manolo Blahnik

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  1. That’s a sexy photo, Molly! I LOVE the quote! Makes me think of all sorts of things!

    I didn’t see your link at Mami’s earlier.

    Happy Sunday!

    • Thanks sweetie… I only just added it in. Thank you for the comment and for the subscription.


  2. :-) Was looking to subscribe to your posts and just noticed there’s a check box under the comment box 😀

  3. High heels, like lingerie, should look as good on as it does on the floor. Wonderful shot… very sexy.

  4. HA! At MY age, ALL high heels have been permanently discarded.

    Hello flip flops and other flats.


  5. Oh la laa…what a sexy shot! :)

  6. I miss Saturday nights like that — and that photo is beautiful.

    Here’s to great Saturdays leading into lovely Sundays!


  7. Its been a long time since I’ve had a Saturday night (or any night) like that… thought provoking photo :-)

  8. Great image and words. Makes me wonder what kind of fun was had.

  9. such a cool shot!!!
    love it!

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