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Inside Shopping mall photography experiment

Day 102 – Experiment

"I have always had an instinct for doing new things. Call it good or bad, I love to experiment." ~ Ravi Shankar I love to experiment with my photography. I am not sure it is ever possible to feel like to have taken enough pictures and with the invention of digital editing the experimentation can go on well after the initial image has been taken. Not that you could not also do that in the dark room days but accessibility to that kind of thing for most people was just a dream. This image is in fact two images. One…
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Relfection of people in London bus Kentish Town

Day 99 – London Life

London: "It is the biggest aggregation of human life – the most complete compendium of the world.” ~ Henry James This picture was taken in a part of London that I call home, even though I sadly do not live here any more. I grew up in Kentish Town and my parents still live there. Like much of London the cost of housing is astronomical and being able to afford to live there is but a dream at the moment but one day, maybe, I will get to live again in the city that I always think of as home.…
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Close up shot of a beautiful mans chin

Day 95 – Something beautiful

"The singular point of beautiful objects, and people, is that they are experienced not as parts, or ratios between cheekbones and chin, but as wholes. The experience of beauty is a perception, but it is one that mixes up various other sensations and makes them converge in a particular way." ~ Charles Jencks We always tend to think of women when we use the word beauty or beautiful but I think that is the result of women's value being so focus on how they look not who and what they are rather than on any actual truths. Men are beautiful…
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Swirl of text on paper with pen writing words

Day 94 – Swirl of words

“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ~ James A. Michener This is my daughters hand. She is an excellent artist and writing curly swirly script is one of the her favourite things to do. When I asked her to help me create this image she would not let me take any images until she had designed out what she was going to do and then she spent ages finishes the words even after I had taken the picture I wanted.
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Brighton Pier seaside beach blue sky

Day 90 – Dear Brighton

"Ah, dear Brighton —piers, queers and racketeers." ~ Noel Coward Definitely a quote that is of its time although Brighton still have a strong relationship with piers and continues to be a cosmopolitan young town that attracts a very diverse population but I am fairly sure its association with racketeers is someone diminished unless you class the overpriced hoteliers which have capitalised on Brighton trendy popular image to hike up room prices to crazy levels. I have a huge soft spot for Brighton. I lived there as a student for a year, as a Londoner I felt at home there.…
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Self portrait of hands reaching out touching

Day 89 – Reachin’ out

"Hands, touchin' hands Reachin' out, touchin' me, touchin' you" ~ Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond This is a self portrait I took and then edited in Topaz Fusion Lens Effect as well as working on the light and contrast to give my hands a dark gnarly look. I know it is probably a bit sinister and spooky to go with this 'sweet' song but I rather like that contrast and the suggestion that the lyrics of this song could have another meaning.
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Girl and boy sitting on rocks drinking

Day 82 – Who’s that girl?

"Who's that girl Running around with you? Tell me Who's that girl Running around with you?" Who's That Girl? by Eurythmics
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Reflection of young couple in the glass at Kings Cross Station, who are they

Day 71 – Who are they?

I cannot help but wonder about these two. I captured them outside Kings Cross Station waiting, but for what, I train, someone else to meet them and who are they to one another, lovers, siblings, friends. I cannot help but wonder...  
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Runner feet reflected in pond St Albans

Day 57 – Therapy

"I chose running as my therapy.” ~ Dean Karnazes
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Southwark Barbers London Bridge at night

Day 50 – London Life

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” ~ Samuel Johnson    
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Close up of molly licking her lips

Day 47 – Kissing Girls

"I kissed a girl and I liked it The taste of her cherry chap stick" ~ I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry  
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Close up shot of Molly's eye

Day 46 – In the eye

"Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye." ~ Helen Keller  
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