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Plastic icecream sign against blue sky

Day 175 – Icecream Days

“It was the color of someone buying you an ice cream cone for no reason at all.” ~ Lemony Snicket I don't quite know what that colour is but I do definitely know that feeling. There is something warm and gentle about that moment when for no other reason than you can, someone buys you an ice cream cone. In the UK that would be from the Icecream Van which you find all over the place. One of the things that bemused Michael when he first came to the UK was that no matter what the weather you can find…
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reflections in wine glasses dinning

Day 162 – Dining

“The shared meal elevates eating from a mechanical process of fueling the body to a ritual of family and community, from the mere animal biology to an act of culture.” ~ Michael Pollan And there is nothing quite like sitting down with people you care and sharing a good meal. It is one of my favourite things to do. Of course not all meals are good, we have definitely been out with friends to some restaurants that disappointed but that was never as a result of the company we were in. In fact the company usually made up for the…
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Mobole phone call screen

Day 61 – Calling

"Hello from the other side I must have called a thousand times" ~ Hello by Adele
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macro shot of glitter nail varish in bottle

Day 60 – Glitz and Glitter

"I'm a sucker for glitz and glitter when it comes to clothes and nail polish," ~ Alison Sweeney  
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Cups and saucers with naughty words on them

Day 56 – Elegance

The daintiness and yet elegance of a china teacup focuses one to be gentle, to think warmly and to feel close. ~ Carol and Malcolm Cohen
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Macro shot of the bristles of a brush

Day 25 – Fine detail

"It was all about the details." ~ Brad Grey  
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Farm plow against the blue sky

Day 24 – Rusty

"The more we pour the big machines, the fuel, the pesticides, the herbicides, the fertilizer and chemicals into farming, the more we knock out the mechanism that made it all work in the first place." ~ David R. Brower  
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Colours in my dinner glass

Day 21 – Transparent

“In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent" ~  Vera Nazarian  
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Eye shadow make up reflected in mirror

Day 12 – I say a little prayer

"The moment I wake up Before I put on my makeup I say a little pray for you" ~ I Say A Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin
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Stem of wine glass

Day 11 – Drink

"What's drinking? A mere pause from thinking!" ~ George Gordon, Lord Byron  
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Silver Christmas Cracker

Day 358 – Almost

"Christmas is coming; it is almost here! With Santa and presents, good will and cheer!" ~Gertrude Tooley Buckingham    
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Looking down into a green glass bottle

Day 354 – Empty

"I looked into that empty bottle and I saw myself." ~ Grace Metalious [columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns]
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