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Day 199 – Pretty hue

sunset hue over River Yar Yarmouth

“Listen to the sunset…see its pretty hue… When you see it, think of me…and I’ll think of you…” ~ Oksana Rus

This really is the colour of the sky/water. The only editing I did to this image was to reduce the highlights slightly and the clarity to ‘soften’ the water. Apart from that you are getting to see exactly what I saw when I took the picture.


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Reply to Melody. cancel

  1. This is the color I like the best, it has a purple hue. In Greece, our color tends to be a bit bluer but I like the softness of this color more. You are never satisfied where you are.

  2. Reply

    Wowza! It made me think of Prince in all his purple glory.

  3. Reply

    It is very beautiful and so calm

  4. Reply

    wow that is an amazing colour. I just love the texture of the ripples on the water. #MySundayPhoto

  5. Reply

    Beautiful photo. <3

  6. Reply

    Beautiful! However I read it as Hue, the city in Vietnam – ha!! We see what we want to see!!

  7. Reply

    Fantastic photo!! What was causing the ripple!

    • Jan
    • July 17, 2016

    Beautiful photo.

  8. Reply

    Wow the colours in this are simply stunning

    Thank you for linking up

  9. Reply

    Pretty purple sky; wonderful with the little edit described by you! Lovely view and quote!

  10. Reply

    That water looks like a sheet of silk and I can imagine laying on it and being hugged into its softness. Lovely photo, Molly!

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