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Day 154 – A bit of French

French Fries from KFC

“The French: a people who have used their sophisticated culture and beautiful language to bequeath to the world the sliced potato.” ~ Bauvard

But of course the French don’t actually call them that. They call them Pommes Frites or often simple Frites and here in England we call them Chips and what America calls chips we call Crisps. Being married to an American has made me realise just how different our two versions of English really are and even now after 5+ years together we still find words and phrases that the other has no idea what it means.


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    Yes to all the fries, chips, and frites! Fries are my food Achilles heel. I’ve learned quite a bit of British English from TV shows and love the way Brits express themselves. Maybe I would do OK communicating on a visit!

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      My husband has been here 5 years and still has the odd moment of being confused. It is surprising the depth of the language difference to be honest


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    Oh yummy!

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    I’m pretty used to Brit expressions, reading lots of books by English authors, most of which don’t have the British expressions edited and replaced. But Rick periodically has to ask — while we’re watching British drama on TV — “What’s that mean?!”

    Lovely photo. They look good enough to eat!

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