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Day 281 – Ruined

Deralict house in Derbyshire yellow room


Deralict house in Derbyshire yellow room

“What is a ruin but time easing itself of endurance?” ~ Djuna Barnes

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  1. Reply

    The yellow makes me think French. I am sure these walls have wonderful stories to tell. This is a wonderful find and capture. A fine quote. genie

    • Lisa Hermanson
    • October 12, 2013

    What a great wreck ! such appealing colors and picturesque, too !

  2. Reply

    Wow! This one stirs the imagination. I love old buildings and ruins.

  3. Reply

    Places like this tell such great stories, don’t they! Love your shot.

  4. Reply

    Wow. I love this so much.

  5. Reply

    Interesting image, and all sorts of stories start coming to mind . . . . I love the light and shadows.

  6. Reply

    What a great image! I love to discover places like this and ponder over the past inhabitants.

    • Peg
    • October 8, 2013

    Love this photo! The light is wonderful, and I always love these somewhat post-apocalyptic looks into a future when we’re all gone.

  7. Reply

    great shot. Strange with that yellow…looks abit modern and still it is in ruin…

  8. Reply

    Beautiful photo!!!

  9. Reply

    Wonderful shot and such a great quote!

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